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Uber fleet management demo for Santiago2023 Pan American Games

November 8, 2023

Youtouch participated in the bidding process for the fleet management platform for the Santiago2023 Pan American Games. In order to further highlight our value proposition, we set out to develop a functional demo based on the characteristics of transport platforms such as "Uber", in order to provide a better understanding of our proposal.

Youtouch Uber Panel Screens One

This demo has all the functionalities that are required by the user, administrator and driver; It also has the possibility of being implemented for other companies or startups that are looking to develop a similar service model.

Youtouch Uber Panel Screens One

Our objective of this demo is to show our capabilities to implement, develop and provide advice on complex projects that require a quick response.

Youtouch Uber Panel Screens One If you want to know more about this product you can contact us or visit our social networks.